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A new way to book
Ride services in Belize

The Belizean ride-calling mobile app taxi service:
The easier, reliable and safer way to call a ride.

Available Now: for Android and iPhone iOS

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How Does it Work?

Where To Go

Your current location will be automatically selected. Enter your destination or drag the pin to your desired destination.

Select Vehicle

DELIVERY Hungry and need food or small packages.
ECONOMY are your standard cars in Belize.
PREMIUM Guaranteed air conditioning larger vehicles for great seating.

Select Payment

Cash, credit or debit cards and E-kyash are accepted. Enter the number of passengers and Click Confirm. The nearest available driver is currently approaching your location.

Our Services

Safety is one of our top priorities. To ensure your safety, we collect all information required by law from our drivers. You can select a vehicle based on the best rates according to fuel economy and will be able to track travel expenses daily, weekly and monthly.

Driver Ratings

Driver rates the customer and the customer rates their driver.

My Rides History

Detailed logs and receipts saved for up to a month’s ride history in the Midriva app.

Real-Time Tracking

Rider can see when their driver is approaching their location.

Vehicle Type Options

You can choose your Ride for for seating options, air-conditioning, level of quality and comfort.

Driver Info

Customer will see driver profile, license plate, and vehicle details.

Promo Codes

Share your referral code to get discounted rides, use promo codes to get special deals.


Earn Points on every Ride and use your Points for cash back deals on your next ride

Payment Method Options

Cash, Credit Card, E-Kyash.
More options when available.

Why Use Midriva?

We provide the safest and most reliable way of getting you to your destinations. All our drivers and their cars have been vetted to secure your safety.

We work closely with:
• The Belize Tourism Board
• The Ministry of Transport
• Local Area Police Departments

Easy, Safe and Reliable.
Book a ride for a loved-one, and we can guarantee their arrival.

• No more losing your items in a taxi.
• No more cash if you choose our credit card service.
• No more price changes upon arrival to a destination.

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It's finally here... the Belizean Ride Service for You

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Easy to Use Mobile App

1. Enter your Location -- 2. Choose a Ride -- 3. Wait for your driver

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